Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A farewell feast

My friends are always preparing a farewell feast for me,
A soothing grave in the shade of oak trees
A marble epitaph of time
And always I anticipate them at the funeral:
Who then has died...who?

From Under Siege

Mahmoud Darwish, buried today in Ramallah



At 10:42 PM, October 01, 2008, Blogger Unknown said...

When I first saw this I thought it would be nice if someone said something like that when I died. But he wrote that himself.

I am no poet so a haiku will have to do.

autumn, spoke truth only
hurt others him much more
watch out for acorns

At 10:45 PM, October 01, 2008, Blogger Unknown said...

watch out for walnuts



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